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Starfish Jewelry is once again in the Denver A-List contest and we would love your support.  Two years ago we were #1 and we are not even in Denver!!! Help us make that again! Please vote by clicking on the link below. We are under the Fashion Nominee category and then under Designer Jewelry.



Edgy, Nautical Style with Pyrrha

It’s already July and — as with every summer — breezy, ready-to-hop-on-a-sailboat nautical style is the season’s go-to fashion. But, if you’re finding the standard blue and white stripes plus boat shoes look a bit trite this season, check out Pyrrha’s “Peace of Mind” necklace, featuring an anchor wax seal cast. It provides the perfect nautical flair on a more edgy and significant piece.

The talisman reads Je Console, which means “I comfort.” Anchors represent stability and peace of mind because of their ability to keep boats from going adrift.

Pyrhha is a Vancouver, British Columbia, based company that handcrafts jewelry using casts of 19th century wax seals. Celebrities also love wearing Pyrhha’s thoughtful and timeless pieces. Check out our Pinterest board of celebrities wearing Pyrhha pieces!

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