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A True Inspiration

Original Article written by Kathy Krassner seen in Gifts and Decorative Accessories, 11/1/2012 2:00:00 AM

 Company founder/designerBb Becker’s Tagline is “Healing The World with Words.” Thanks to founder Mark Becker, the company’s line of inspirational jewelry engraved with messages of love, joy and peace is helping to do just that.

     Becker (known as “BB” for the BB gun he carried around his tough Brooklyn neighborhood in his youth) launched his eponymous company in May 2002 with just 12 bracelets engraved with quotes and prayers such as the “Serenity Prayer.” He had no previous retail or wholesale experience-having held various positions as a flight attendant, actor and Tai Chi instructor- when he decided to turn his hobby of designing jewelry for his wife, using reconstructed used pieces, into a career.
At the time, Becker was unaware that someone in California had laid claim to engraving words on jewelry and would sue others trying to sell such items, including BB Becker. With the assistance of several pro bono attorneys, two loyal retailers and an expert witness from “Antiques Roadshow,” the outcome of the company’s trial three years later ended that monopoly- paving the way for all of the engraved word jewelry in the gift market today.
Becker also credits his wife, Jo -whose handwriting appears on the company’s jewelry-for her assistance during the trial. “She wasn’t actively involved in the business until the legal battle,” recalls Becker. “Working behind the scenes since then, she Hand-knottedHand-knotted leather and sterling silver bracelet is engraved with the message: “Leap and the net will appear.” $129. BB Becker. “Ely gets credit for her contribution,” he acknowledges, but says her background in finance is an advantage.
Today, BB Becker offers a Signature Collection of handcrafted, sterling-silver bracelets, necklaces, rings and pendants engraved with the words of spiritual leaders and influential historical figures, as well as a BB Boutique Collection of more affordable sterling-silver and bronze pieces introduced in 2010. New products on the horizon include a line based upon the inspiring work of a well-known writer/poet; as well as silver-plated items to BB Boutique.
Among the company’s top sellers is a bracelet featuring the Gandhi quote, “There are no goodbyes for us. Wherever you are, you will always be in my heart,” which saw a surge in sales last year after a U.K. retailer sold one to a woman whose son was serving in the military in Afghanistan. She gave the bracelet to her daughter-in-law, who became part of a chart-topping music sensation i“Serenity” sterling“Serenity” sterling silver small cuff features The Serenity Prayer. $259.n the U.K. called the Military Wives Choir. That bracelet is the first image seen in their music video, “Wherever You Are,” which has been viewed by millions online. As a result, says Becker: “We received calls and emails directly from U.S. military personnel asking about it. These conversations, as you can imagine, were very touching.”
Becker finds quotes to use on his pieces by searching old books from resale shops. “It’s truly amazing how many out-of-print books contain sayings that are not part of a typical quotations list,” he remarks. He and his wife then evaluate the quotes on how positive, inspiring, musical, truthful and wearable they are. His personal favorite quotes include: “At one glance I loved you with a thousand hearts,” by Mihri Hatun; and “Be happy for this moment. This moment … is your life,” by Omar Khayyam.
Headquartered in Denver, BB Becker has certainly come a long way from its 12-piece debut a decade ago.

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Artist Spotlight: Buddha to Buddha

  buddha 2

  Starfish is proud to present a new line this winter: Buddha to Buddha.  Based in Amsterdam, they are renowned for their bold, handmade .925 sterling silver bracelets.  According to their philosophy, “The brand is inspired by the Buddha to Buddha way of life; the philosophy of living consciously and enjoying, making the most of each day in an easy-going and natural manner, an Eastern, almost spiritual approach – but far from being floaty.”

Buddha tiplia


These sleek, timeless designs look great on men and women.  Starfish carries rings, leather bracelets, and sterling silver bracelet lines.  These pieces are truly one of a kind and complete head turners. Check out Starfish’s complete collection at our website.

Buddha to buddha

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Edgy, Nautical Style with Pyrrha

It’s already July and — as with every summer — breezy, ready-to-hop-on-a-sailboat nautical style is the season’s go-to fashion. But, if you’re finding the standard blue and white stripes plus boat shoes look a bit trite this season, check out Pyrrha’s “Peace of Mind” necklace, featuring an anchor wax seal cast. It provides the perfect nautical flair on a more edgy and significant piece.

The talisman reads Je Console, which means “I comfort.” Anchors represent stability and peace of mind because of their ability to keep boats from going adrift.

Pyrhha is a Vancouver, British Columbia, based company that handcrafts jewelry using casts of 19th century wax seals. Celebrities also love wearing Pyrhha’s thoughtful and timeless pieces. Check out our Pinterest board of celebrities wearing Pyrhha pieces!

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Artist Spotlight: Anna Beck

Anna Beck’s jewelry has a huge celebrity following, from Kristen Wiig to Cameron Diaz to Oprah. It’s really no wonder that there are so many fans of this Los Angeles-based company because the collection brings the California glam factor. But, the pieces manage to stay understated and contemporary so they’re perfect for a cocktail party or everyday wear.

Jessica Biel in Anna Beck "Gili" earrings. Photo from JustJared.com.

Or, a date night out with Justin Timberlake if you happen to be Jessica Biel.

Anna Beck’s designer, Becky Hosmer, lives in Bali, where she is inspired by both her surroundings for design concepts and by the ancient jewelry-making techniques of the Balinese. According to Anna Beck, “each piece in the collection is layered with tiny gold or silver disks, with each disk of precious metal individually cut and affixed to the metal base.”

We just love the new spring collection… if we can’t live in Bali we’ll definitely settle for one of those sweet elephant necklaces.

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