Artist Spotlight: Amy J. Metals

Go Hyper-Local with Amy J. Metals

Here at Starfish Jewelry, we place an emphasis on the support of Boulder, Colo.-area artists, with about 60 percent of the store filled with local artists’ pieces.

Amy Johnson, the designer behind Amy J. Metals, is not only based in Boulder, her collection is largely composed of pieces made with objects found in Boulder. Made with 100 percent recycled metals, her jewelry is also rich with socially conscious symbolism. Along hikes in Lefthand Canyon, Amy J. has discovered the old bullets that she uses in many of her pieces. The necklace pictured, also available in a ring, is called “Disturbing the Peace.” With a background in peace and conflict studies and humanitarian assistance, Amy J. wanted her jewelry to “go beyond bling” and speak.

“The bullet: man made, used to oppress, to liberate… for war, peace… survival, destruction; bullets gave me the means to create jewelry that speaks.” –Amy J.

If you’re looking for something unique or a piece of jewelry that says more,  check out Amy J.’s full collection here.