Diamonds are a Heather Moore Charm’s Best Friend

We are often asked about the various options when adding a diamond to a Heather B. Moore charm. Read on to figure out your sparkly options so that you can be ready for our upcoming trunk show (April 27-29).

If you have a 14K gold charm, you can set diamonds directly into the face — anywhere you like — for stunning results.

Heather Moore Diamond charms

It is important to note that diamonds may only be set in 14K yellow, white, green or rose gold. But, even if your charm has a sterling silver face, or if you’re just looking for something a little different, in true Heather Moore fashion, there are tons of other options. Here’s a quick rundown.

Wide Frame Charms

Heather Moore Wide Frame with Diamonds

Choose a sterling silver or 14K gold charm with a 14K gold wide frame. Then you may set a single diamond, or multiple diamonds in the frame.

Channel Set Charms

Channel Set Heather Moore

Up the wow factor with channel-set diamonds!

Diamond Granules

Heather Moore Granules

Choose a charm with a 14K gold frame. The diamond granules add a timeless touch.

Double Frame Charms

Double Frame Heather Moore

Available on standard charms as well, diamonds may be set along the edge of a double frame charm.

Channel-Set Jump Ring

Jump Rings Heather Moore

This option — only available with a 14K gold charm and 14K gold frame — is a nice way to add subtle sparkle.

Diamond Stones

Diamond Stones Heather Moore

Rough diamonds in nearly any color and bezel cup diamonds are yet another way to add a diamond to your piece if you don’t want it directly in the charm.

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