Artist Spotlight: Anna Beck

Anna Beck’s jewelry has a huge celebrity following, from Kristen Wiig to Cameron Diaz to Oprah. It’s really no wonder that there are so many fans of this Los Angeles-based company because the collection brings the California glam factor. But, the pieces manage to stay understated and contemporary so they’re perfect for a cocktail party or everyday wear.

Jessica Biel in Anna Beck "Gili" earrings. Photo from

Or, a date night out with Justin Timberlake if you happen to be Jessica Biel.

Anna Beck’s designer, Becky Hosmer, lives in Bali, where she is inspired by both her surroundings for design concepts and by the ancient jewelry-making techniques of the Balinese. According to Anna Beck, “each piece in the collection is layered with tiny gold or silver disks, with each disk of precious metal individually cut and affixed to the metal base.”

We just love the new spring collection… if we can’t live in Bali we’ll definitely settle for one of those sweet elephant necklaces.

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